Data Transparency

The Department of Communities and Local Government has produced a Local Government Transparency Code in 2015, which applies to larger local councils.  The Government wants to increase transparency through publication of open and reusable data, enabling taxpayers to see how local authorities are using public money

Crewe Town Council wishes to follow the Code as published and will arrange for the following information to be loaded onto this website to become more accessible to its readers.  Some of the information is set out below.  In other cases, it can be found in other areas of the website, which are identified below.  If you should experience difficulty accessing this information, please contact the Town Clerk.

Expenditure over £500.00

Data for the current financial year

Data for the full year 2018/19

Data for the full year 2017/18

Data for the full year 2016/17.

Data for the full year 2015/16 

Data for the full year 2014/15 

Data for the full year 2013/14

Expenditure below £500.00

All expenditure is reported to full Council at each ordinary meeting which are approximately bi-monthly.  The schedule for any meetings can be found here.

There is a schedule of payments at the end of each set of Minutes (N.B. if Minutes are headed ‘draft’, this means they have yet to be approved by the next meeting)

Procurement Card

The Council does not use a government procurement card.  It does however us a Credit Union Payment Card for purchases up to £1,000.00.  Purchases over £500.00 are listed above, other transactions are recorded on the Payment Schedules

Grants and payments to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector

Data for the current financial year can be found here

Data for 2018 / 2019

Data for 2017 / 2018

Data for 2016 / 2017

Data for 2015 / 2016

Data for 2014 / 2015

Data for 2013 / 2014

Senior salaries which are above £50,000.00

On the Town Clerks post comes into this category

An organisational chart of the staff structure

The staff structure is contained within the Constitution.

There are no trade unions recognised at the Town Council

Pay Multiple

The Council’s pay multiplier is a ratio of 1.89:1. This is the ratio of the highest paid employee to the median figure of the whole workforce

Councillor’s allowances and expenses

An annual budget is set aside for the Mayor of Crewe to draw upon for expenses incurred whilst attending civic functions

Procurement information

Copies of contracts to businesses and to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector worth more than £5,000.00 can be found on the schedule of payments.

Invitations to tender and quote are issued for goods and services over £5,000.00

Local Authority Land

All information about the Council’s Offices and 11 allotment sites is available in an Asset Register


View all Council Policies

Town Council Budget

A copy of the Town Council’s budget will be published annually

Audit Reports

Copies of all reports from both internal and external auditors are reported to Council meetings along with a response to any recommendations

Annual Return

The Annual Return which the Council must submit each year to the External Auditor may be found on the website along with the relevant end of year accounts

Council and Committee Minutes

View the Council and Committee minutes

Social Housing

The Council does not provide any social housing

If you cannot find the information you wish to see or there is other unrelated information you wish to see then please contact the Council with an information request.