Crewe Town Board

Traction Crewe Memorial Square

Bidding to Secure a Positive Future for Crewe

A team of leading figures from Crewe’s civic and business community have come together to form a Town Board for Crewe. They are currently developing a Town Investment Plan to secure up to £25m in Government funding for the Town.

Crewe is one of just 101 towns and cities in England to have been selected to put forward a bid for the Government Towns Fund initiative. If successful, Crewe will be able to deliver a variety of capital projects to boost the town’s long-term regeneration.

 “We need to drive economic development to create the job prospects and the recreation, cultural and entertainment opportunities that inspires young people to stay, live and work in Crewe.”

Developing a winning bid

The Crewe Town Board has been reaching out to communities and leaders across the town to gather project proposals for the bid.  A final list of projects will be agreed by the Board which will feed into Crewe’s 10 year Town Investment Plan, ready for the final submission of Crewe’s bid in January 2021.

“Crewe residents will have a very important role to play in identifying the priorities that can make the biggest difference to them”

The deadline to put forward a project proposal is 5 pm on Tuesday 3 November 2020.

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