Crewe Town Allotment Federation

The Allotment Federation has welcomed the comments made by Council Members at the Finance and resources meeting earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the Federation said ‘We would like to thank Crewe Town Council for their investment, support and help with Crewe Allotments.’

Crewe Town Allotment Federation submitted a paper to Crewe Town Council this week to confirm the allocation of the funds they have provided and the benefits that have been brought about by the investment in Crewe’s Allotments.

Council Members thanked and congratulated the Federation for all their work and the professional way in which we have conducted ourselves. A year end position statement will be submitted to the Council over the next few weeks.

Council Members indicated that the Federation deserved much credit for working up proposals that involved recommendations for expenditure at sites not presently members of the Federation. The Council believes that this shows a rounded and holistic view of the various allotment priorities in Crewe as a whole.

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