Crewe Markets – Town Council seeks your support

The Town Council is petitioning Cheshire East Council as follows:

To transfer the Crewe markets to local control under the Town Council and thereby allow the investment of 100k to reinvigorate the markets and town centre in general.

Crewe Town Council believes that the markets in Crewe need urgent improvement. We have asked Cheshire East Council to transfer the markets to us. We will invest up to £100,000 and have plans to revive the markets but they are not responding quickly enough. Do you wish to see improvement in your market, local control and for the Town Council to be permitted to invest? If so please support us.

The Town needs a vibrant market to help turn round the decline in the town centre we have seen in recent years. We believe that we can cherish the market once it is under local control. The markets can become what they once were and act as an engine to incubate new businesses in Crewe providing jobs for young and old. The Town Council with your support can really get things moving, but to do so we need a speedy decision to transfer the markets in the same way they have done elsewhere in Cheshire East.

If you think this is the right thing to do please sign the petition.

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