Crewe … a few thoughts

My name is Bradley Cassidy, aged 22, and I am a third year University student studying Multimedia Journalism at Salford University. I previously went to South Cheshire College where I did a BTEC in Media Studies and an Access to Higher Education Humanities course, I also went to King’s Grove (now known as The Oaks Academy) High School between 2008 – 2013 and Leighton Primary School. Living in Crewe all my life but recently moving out to Salford for my University I noticed there was a stark difference between living in a town and a major UK city. But what truly makes Crewe special and what do the people who live in Crewe think of it. Through my work at the council I decided to delve into this and hit the streets of the town centre to find what local citizens think about the town. This is what I discovered using the quotes of local citizens with my own commentary:

 “The theatre puts on good shows (Crewe Lyceum Theatre)” with events on such as Ross Noble (28th – 29th November), Fawlty Towers (24th November) and The Stick Man (19th – 20th November) there’s great events to check out this month alone.

“Lovely town and the people are wonderful” Crewe focuses a lot on the community and with the turnout at Armistice Day this past Sunday the community spirit is there, also with Lumen huge crowds are expected.

“We try to make things better by holding prayer and community events” again with a strong focus on community Crewe looks set to be an inclusive and great town with local events for everyone involved no matter race, age or ethnicity.

“Transport links and easy access to the city or countryside are a huge positive” Crewe being built off the back of the railway means as a town we have easy access to places such as Manchester or London, Blackpool or Leeds without going too far out the way. In Crewe you’re at the centre of a huge nightlife around you and therefore it’s easy to travel from Crewe to see most of the North.

“Crewe’s life and soul are that we are together and come close together” this shows that the town of Crewe brings people together and displays great support for/from the citizens of the town this sense of togetherness can only come from a small town such as Crewe and can only develop more with the years.

“Bentley Motors brings a lot to the towns identity” for lovers of cars the factor of going to the home of Bentley and to see the making of this world-famous vehicle is interesting and brings a new sense of excitement to the town. The only other place in Europe you can see a Bentley being made is Zwickau, Germany.

“I enjoy working here when I travel from London” shows that people outside of Crewe also enjoy the town, which is why I love it in comparison to somewhere like Manchester. It might be smaller but, in a way, it adds a lot to the community we have in this town.

Crewe in a way is quite a traditional town built on the back of the railway it allows people from miles outside the town to come in and visit. With local entertainment such as The Box and Lyceum Theatre being a huge bonus to the town it gives back to its citizens as much as they take out. It’s a town with a lot of community to it and so long as the community works together and gives back to the town, the prosperous and great nature of Crewe can continue forward.

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