Council seeking quotes for printer/copier/scanner (MFD)

The Council may have a need for a multifunctional device (MFD), interested parties are invited to provide a written quote of no more than 1 page of A4. That quote will confirm the following:

1)      The device will copy, scan and print in colour and in B&W

2)      The device will be capable of utilising A3 paper, envelopes and card

3)      The device will have a feeder for copying/scanning

4)      The device will print double sided

5)      The device will work over a wireless network

6)      The prices quoted will be for a 3 year contact

7)      The prices quoted will include all servicing and consumables for the three year period

8)      A comparable alternative device will be provided in the event that the device is out of service for a period of 48 hours (excluding weekends)

9)      The price per A4 side of black and white will be X

10)   The price per A4 side of colour will be Y

11)   Discount prices based on print volumes for printing shall be stated

12)   Quotes to remain valid for 3 months from 10th Feb 2015

The Council is not obliged to accept the lowest quote and has a general preference for a  supplier operating in the local area. The Council does not wish to enter into verbal or written dialogue at this point and asks that potential suppliers provide the information requested as per instruction.

Suppliers must only quote for one named device and not a range of devices. Print volumes are generally low and in the region of a few hundred pages per day (at most). Suppliers may add options for the specific device such as finishers, but should identify the costs as X + Z and Y +Z where Z is the extra cost per page of A4 printed.

Please send quote on email by 10th Feb to [email protected]

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