Could your organisation benefit from a grant?

The Council is proud to highlight the grants that have been awarded in the current financial year to a massive range of organisations doing fantastic things for Crewe. We hope to showcase this good work over the next few weeks via our website. Information about grants in 2013/14 can be found here.

As the Council raises its profile demand for grants is increasing, we have received nearly forty this year alone. For this reason we are seeking to highlight the grants scheme at the start of the new civic year and invite potential applicants to consider making an application. There is plenty of time as there will be a hiatus while the elections take place. Once the new Council is in place we will start to process and award grants. If you want to know more about grants, click here.

We are encouraging potential applicants to think about how an award might support the emerging Crewe Community Plan (A Vision for Crewe). As demand rises it will mean we need to be more methodical in how we award grants and linking to the Community Plan is one way we can do that.

If you want to know more about the Vision for Crewe, please join us in the town centre on the 21st March between 10am and 2pm to have your say.


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